Telepsychiatry During COVID-19

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Can I See A Psychiatrist Via Telehealth?

We are living in a time of confusion and uncertainty. During this time, it can be easy for people to feel vulnerable, stressed, and afraid. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure that you’re taking care of your mental health.

To ensure we meet the needs of our patients, we offer telehealth and in-person visits with the Novum Psychiatry team of psychiatrists and therapists.

In this article, we’ll explain a bit about telehealth and why it’s an essential tool for your mental health and well-being during this time of crisis.

What Is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a form of healthcare that can be obtained from a distance. Using a computer or mobile device, our psychiatrists and therapists can provide the same level of high-quality, professional care as an in-person visit. This is also called telepsychiatry.

Telehealth has been around for quite a long time, but it has exploded during the covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to the advent of smartphones and more advanced internet capabilities, people are now able to use telehealth and connect with psychologists and doctors anywhere, at any time.

The US Department of Health and Human Services, and individual states have made it easier for patients to access care via telehealth.

This opens up a lot of options for people who are physically unable to make it to our office to see one of our providers. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, telehealth is an absolutely invaluable resource that is helping to save lives.

The Power of Telehealth for Psychiatry and Therapy Visits

The covid-19 pandemic is impacting all aspects of our lives. During this global crisis, we have seen a dramatic rise in the use of telehealth services for to provide psychiatric and mental health services.

1. Telehealth Connects You in a Time of Need

telehealth connected to covid19 novum psychiatry

We’re living in one of the most frightening and unpredictable times in the last century. As you may imagine, this might lead to new or worsening mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Utilizing telehealth visits for psychiatry and therapy ensures that you can get the help you need when you need it, from anywhere at anytime.

2. Telehealth Is Affordable

Most telehealth visits cost the same or less than an in-office visit with your psychiatrist or therapist. Very few telehealth visits cost more than you could expect to pay at a therapist’s office. Novum Psychiatry accepts health insurance for psychiatry and therapy visits for residents of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Be sure and contact Novum Psychiatry or your health insurance company for coverage questions.

3. Telehealth Facilitates Physical Distancing

One of the biggest barriers that people are facing in regard to seeking help is the challenges finding care when psychiatrists and therapists are reducing hours or closing offices.

By adopting telehealth as a medium to deliver psychiatric and therapy services, those with underlying health conditions or the elderly can ensure they can get the mental health care they need to navigate this challenging time.

telehealth companies accept insurance novum psychiatry4. Health Insurance Typically Covers Telehealth Visits

Demand for virtual mental health care is soaring, and many commercial health insurance companies and Medicare now covers psychiatric and therapy visits the same as in-office visits.

Again, please contact Novum Psychiatry and your health insurance company to verify mental health telehealth visit coverage.

5. Telehealth Can Maintain Your Relationships

If you’re isolating with a partner, spouse, or your family members, relationships might grow tense. Covid-19 has created new conflicts and exacerbated existing problems for family members and couples. With telehealth, our providers can help you navigate this challenging time using improved communication strategies, managing expectations, and offer guidance to help you tackle increased stress and worry during this time.

6. Telehealth Helps Improve Your Outlook

The covid-19 crisis is contributing a rapid increase in depression, anxiety, sleep problems, relationship challenges, increased substance use, and worsening mental health conditions and other chronic health conditions. A climate of 24/7 news cycles can exacerbate these problems, making it easier for us to become afraid, paranoid, or concerned about the future.

Using telehealth to connect with a psychiatrist or therapist ensures that you can get the professional care and guidance you need to help you navigate these unprecedented times. Your provider team will work closely with you to ensure that you have access to appropriate care and treatment that can help improve your symptoms.

7. Telehealth Can Be Used Anywhere, Anytime

Prior to the pandemic, telehealth did not enjoy widespread usage outside of rural areas. With increased legislative action requiring health insurers to cover telehealth visits in the same manner as in-office visits means that patients and providers can stay safe and get high-quality care from anywhere in the world.

Psychiatric and Therapy Telehealth Services Are Here To Stay

Telehealth adoption increased rapidly worldwide in 2020, and telehealth is here to stay. Learn how Novum Psychiatry is treating patients remotely via telehealth during covid-19.

Contact us today for a confidential evaluation or to schedule your appointment.