Social Phobia Symptoms and Treatment

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Learn about Social Anxiety

Social phobia, also referred to as social anxiety disorder, is a chronic mental health condition in which every day interactions cause significant anxiety, self-consciousness, and fear of being judged or scrutinized by others. Social anxiety disorder is a common type of anxiety disorder that we treat at Novum Psychiatry.

Social Anxiety Symptoms

  • Intense fear of interacting with strangers
  • Avoiding situations or speaking to people for fear of embarrassment
  • Analyzing social situations and identifying faults in your interactions
  • Fear that others will notice your social anxiety
  • Concerned about offending someone
  • Blush, sweat, tremble, feel a rapid heart rate, or feel like your “mind is going blank”
  • Feel nauseous or sick to your stomach
  • Show a rigid body posture, make little eye contact, or speak with an overly soft voice
  • Find it scary and difficult to be with other people, especially those you don’t already know, and have a hard time talking to them even though you wish you could
  • Very self-conscious in front of other people and feel embarrassed and awkward
  • Very afraid that other people will judge you
  • Avoiding places where there are other people

Diagnosis and Treatment of Social Anxiety

The first step to effective treatment of social phobia is a proper diagnosis. In order to diagnose social phobia, your physician will ask about your social anxiety symptoms, perform an exam, and ask about your health history.

Treatment of social anxiety usually involves psychotherapy (talk therapy), medication, or a combination of both. If you or someone you care about is suffering from symptoms of social anxiety, please contact Novum Psychiatry for a confidential evaluation.

With proper individualized care, social anxiety can be treatable. Social anxiety should not prevent you from enjoying everyday life.

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