Your Guide to Managing Social Anxiety in College

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Your Guide to Managing Social Anxiety in College

People who suffer from social anxiety know that no two individuals share the same triggers. For some people, merely talking in groups can be tricky, while others may experience fear when meeting new individuals. Even though these may be common problems, it is another ball game altogether to deal with manage social anxiety in college. A college is a unique place with its own set of anxiety-causing situations.

However, armed with the right guidance and enough information, you can manage social anxiety in college. For people who find it a challenge dealing with anxiety in college, here are some essential pointers to know. Once you are better acquainted with the issue, getting rid of it becomes a lot easier:

Social anxiety: An overview

Simply put, social anxiety is a fear of social situations where individuals need to interact with one another. In a nutshell, it is the fear or apprehension of being judged negatively by other people. People suffering from social anxiety often feel that they are continually being evaluated by the people they meet. It is quite a pervasive disorder and left unchecked can take over all areas of an individual’s life.

While social anxiety can occur at any time, it can become more pronounced when mixed with college anxiety. If you are looking for ways of managing social anxiety in college, getting acquainted with the causes may help you put a finger on the root of the issue. This can help you explain your situation better to a counselor and navigate social anxiety in college better.

11 Tips for managing social anxiety

social anxiety and college novum psychiatryOnce you have figured out your particular triggers, here are some tips that can help you with managing social anxiety in college:

  • First things first. We recommend that you pick your place to live very carefully. If you are dealing with anxiety in college, living in a shared dorm can be stressful. At the same time, living off-campus can stop you from benefiting from a college environment. Therefore, we recommend that you go for a shared room in or around the campus itself to get the best of both.
  • One of the most common college anxiety tips is for you to set realistic goals while considering your schedule. Do not jump into all kinds of social activities and clubs to distract yourself. Research the pastimes and activities that interest you the most and then participate in some of those.
  • One common issue that students with college anxiety face is group activities; including presentations and projects. One way to navigate through these is by speaking to your tutor who is sure to have dealt with individuals suffering from social anxiety before.
  • Try using mindfulness techniques when you are trying to figure out how to cope with college. If you just keep avoiding the problem, chances are that you may become overwhelmed and fall prey to using drugs and alcohol to escape.
  • You do not have to face the social pressure of socializing at first. Eating meals is, of course, a necessity that does not necessarily require you to interact. Do not end up missing out on your meals for fear of having to interact with others.
  • If you are living in a dorm, one of the best ways of managing social anxiety in college is by leaving your door open. This makes you seem more approachable and you can simply make conversation with individuals who really do want to speak to you! You won’t even have the pressure of making the first move in such a situation.
  • Another helpful college anxiety tip is to ensure that you know about the mental health center and that you keep all its information readily accessible in case you need it at some point.
  • If you find it awkward to answer questions and do not want to be put in a spot, then participate by asking the questions. This will prevent your professor from feeling that you are not interested and will help you work with the issue better.
  • Speak to like-minded individuals or at least spot the empaths. You can also choose to make a study group to keep your socializing to a minimum and yet avoid feeling like a complete outcast.
  • Most colleges require you to give presentations. If you are working alone at college, then practice these presentations during office hours or simply present them in front of the mirror before you actually present them to the class.
  • Social anxiety in college can become much worse if you panic because of being late. So, try to manage your time well. Try to arrive at classes five to ten minutes early so you do not have to face awkward stares when walking in late which would make you feel even more uncomfortable.

We know that social anxiety and college can prove to be a lethal combination. Try to take it all in your stride and brave the situation by getting the right guidance.

Key takeaways

college anxiety tips novum psychiatryIt is estimated that nearly 66% of individuals who are diagnosed with social anxiety may suffer from potential mental problems. Don’t worry though. There is no problem too big to face with a little help. While we understand that social anxiety in college can keep you from enjoying college life fully, you can follow the aforementioned tips to manage it. By following these simple steps, you should be able to take it one day at a time and brave the situation without much of an issue. Remember to add them to your to-do list and you will certainly be able to cope with the situation better, if not eradicate the anxiety completely.

Even so, if you are a student who feels that managing social anxiety in college is becoming too cumbersome to deal with alone, then we are here to help you. Simply book an appointment with us and one of our experienced psychotherapists will help you deal with this problem. You are not alone and we are available for you to ensure that social anxiety does not prevent you from succeeding in college and in your future.