How To Manage Depression Triggers?

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How To Manage Depression Triggers?

Depression is a severe and life-threatening mental disorder that severely affects the quality of your life and suppresses your level of happiness. Over the years, depression has become prevalent between Americans.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, more than 15 million Americans suffer from depression every year. Depression makes you feel sad and worthless. It also drains your energy, hope, and drive. Thus, making it very difficult for you to feel better about anything in life.

Is Depression Different From Sadness?

Most of the health care experts describe depression as an extended feeling of sadness. As opposed to just having a bad day, depression is something that occurs quite often. This makes it different from sadness. For instance, you may experience:

  • Feelings of unworthiness.
  • Restlessness and lack of pleasure in things you enjoy.
  • Low energy levels and fatigue all the time.
  • Changes in sleep and eating patterns.
  • Crying frequently or on the verge of tears.
  • Lack of ability to concentrate.
  • Sudden weight gain or loss.

Manage Depression Triggers

Learn how to manage depression triggers, identifying early warning signs can definitely help to manage depression triggers and depression episode. Here are some simple ways that will help cope with depression:

1: Cut Back On Social Media

Research has shown that excessive use of social media is a major contributor to depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Social media is very addictive. While it is an excellent way to stay connected with your friends and family, it can have some severe effects on your mental health.

  • You don’t have to completely eliminate social media from your life. However, try as much as possible to cut down the time you spend on social media.
  • Go to social media with a purpose. Avoid checking notifications again and again.
  • Delete unnecessary social apps from your smartphone.
  • Use website-blocking extensions that let you access only certain sites for a specified time.

2: Build Strong Relationships

In addition to your online social life, it essential that you have an active social life and a strong support system. Recent research tells that social support can help protect against depression.

Try connecting with your friends and family. Speak out your emotions and feelings with them. Attend social events together. Find a hobby which you can follow with new people, and build relationships with them.

3: Reduce Stress

Chronic stress is a significant cause of depression. You need to learn to manage and cope with stress for your optimal mental health. Avoid getting overcommitted to things. Practice mindfulness and meditation. Also, let go off things that you cannot control.

4: Quality Sleep

National Sleep Foundation says that people who have insomnia are at a high risk of developing depression as compared to those who sleep well. Both quality and quantity of sleep matters. Sleeping too less or too much will affect your mental health. For a good night’s sleep:

  • Avoid using your smartphone before bed.
  • Always meditate and take deep breaths.
  • Don’t consume caffeine in the noon or evening.
  • Make sure your sleeping area is clean and comfortable.

5: Don’t Ignore Chronic Conditions

If you are suffering from other health-related chronic conditions, you shouldn’t ignore them at all. Ignoring will only increase the risk of developing depression. You should take necessary steps to manage them.

Also, you can consult your doctor if the symptoms are getting worse. Ensure that you follow the treatment plan strictly and take your medications on time. Make all the necessary lifestyle changes your doctor recommends.

6: Cut Down On Alcohol And Drug Use

Excessive use of alcohol and drug abuse is not only related to high risk of depression, but also lead to depression relapse. You should limit the use of alcohol and all kinds of illicit drugs.

Whenever you crave for alcohol, order an appetizer instead. You can drink cranberry juice instead of alcohol. Hangout with people who don’t take illicit drugs or drink too much alcohol.

7: Book An Appointment With A Psychiatrist

Depression is a severe mental condition which can lead to suicidal thoughts, if not treated immediately and properly. You need to seek the help of a psychiatry specialist. The specialist will diagnose your problem and provide you with a proper treatment plan.

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