Depression Triggers: Things to Avoid When Suffering from Depression

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Depression Triggers: Things to Avoid When Suffering from Depression

Anyone who has ever suffered with symptoms of depression will have probably been told at some point to work out and address what their triggers are.

Triggers are the things that bring on your feelings of depression and they are different for everyone. Recognizing these triggers is vital in overcoming your depression but avoiding them can be incredibly difficult. This is often why they are triggers in the first place.

While the process is different for everyone, there are certain steps you can take to help you avoid your depression triggers. Let’s break down some of the most common depression triggers and look at what steps you can take to avoid them.

Overspending and Debt

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In a lot of cases, this can be easier said than done but making sure you try to manage your money properly can go a long way to helping you avoid depression.

Overspending money and finding yourself in financial difficulty can lead to anxiety and can also continue to spiral if you do not manage to get it under control. This is one of the biggest and most common depression triggers.

Making sure you have a strict budget and that you manage your money well will not only give you a sense of control over your life but it will also stop you from feeling worried, depressed or extremely anxious.

If you are already feeling depressed, then falling into the classic trap of believing retail therapy will help you feel better is only going to make things worse. Spending lots of cash and indulging in things you don’t need will only be a very short-term fix and will eventually lead to your feeling more worried and depressed when you begin to realize the financial implications of your spending.

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Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

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Two of the biggest triggers for a lot of people who suffer from depression are drugs and alcohol. Both of these things can act as depressants and can make you feel much worse than you might already be feeling.

Drugs and alcohol offer people an escape from reality, and when you are suffering from depression or anxiety, this can be a very attractive prospect. Once again, this is going to be a temporary escape and the longer effects of drug and alcohol misuse are going to make you feel a lot worse than before. Within 24 hours of taking either of these things, you are likely to be filled with feelings of anxiety, dread or guilt, all of which can feed heavily into your depression.

This isn’t to say that you have to abstain from alcohol completely. Alcohol is likely going to be present at most social events you might want to attend and having one or two small drinks is not likely to do you any harm. If, however, you feel as though you may be drawn to drinking more after those initial one or two, then it is better to avoid drinking alcohol altogether while you are feeling depressed.

Missing Appointments and Avoiding Help

Overcoming depression can be a long process and it is important that you find a way to help yourself get back on the right track. If you are looking for a therapist in the Metrowest area, then contact our team here.

If you are recovering from depression, it is essential that you try to create a schedule with your psychiatrist or doctor that works well for you. Missing appointments and not sticking to your treatment is likely to cause you to relapse and can set your progress back considerably.

If you are struggling to leave the house to make your appointments or you do not have the motivation to attend, it is important that you address these issues with your psychiatrist as soon as possible so that you can attempt to come to a solution together.

Limit Social Media

depression triggers to avoid social media use limited novum psychiatry

Social media and feelings of depression often go hand in hand. The rise of social media over the last decade or so has seen a serious decline in mental health and that is no small coincidence.

Scrolling through Instagram and Facebook feeds is a guaranteed shortcut to making you feel bad about your own life. Comparing ourselves to others is natural and social media has given us a way to do that. The problem is, we are not comparing ourselves to real people, we are comparing ourselves to a carefully manufactured version of them.

To counter this problem, it may be best to avoid spending too much time, if any at all, on social media platforms. Avoiding them can be especially useful if your depression has been triggered by some sort of break-up or divorce. Removing the temptation to have a look at your ex-partner’s life and to see how they are doing will help you place your focus elsewhere.

Recognize Your Triggers

This is a crucial first step when it comes to taking on depression. While some things are likely to trigger depression in a lot of people, there are also some depression triggers to avoid that are likely to have been exclusive to you.

To tackle these triggers, you must first recognize what they are. They could be seeing a certain person, visiting a certain place, or taking part in a certain activity. Once you have recognized what these triggers are, then you can begin to work out the best ways that you can avoid them.

One way you can do this is to write down your triggers and then set yourself targets or goals. Talking to a friend or family member about what you are trying to avoid may also help. For example, if you are trying to avoid going to a certain part of town, letting your friends know so that they can go there for you if needed, can be incredibly useful.

Depression can be overcome. You just need to learn the tools to help you get through it. The team at Novum Psychiatry is here to help you do just that. If you are struggling with depression, contact us for a confidential evaluation today.